Are you trying to conceive?

Balanced Pelvic Floor Muscles are crucial for conception, pregnancy & beyond.

Pelvic floor muscle imbalance can lead to:

  • Painful Periods & Irregular Cycles
  • Trouble Orgasming & Pain with Intimacy
  • Bladder & Rectal Issues
  • Restricted Blood & Nerve Flow
You can imagine how these could fertility or one’s desire for intimacy.  Balance is needed for menstrual health & sexual function. Sign up for a private session to have a pelvic yoga class designed for your unique pelvic floor needs.

What to Expect

  • Before class, you will receive a questionnaire so I can learn more about you, your fertility journey & pelvic floor. Please fill this out at least 24 hours before class.
  • We will have a 1:1 private yoga session designed for your pelvic floor needs.  This class will include yoga poses, pelvic floor stretches & pelvic floor exercises (depending on your needs). 

Before Our Session

  • Please fill out the questionnaire at least 24 hours before
  • I recommend seeing a pelvic physical therapist before our session.  We can use this information to further customize the class for your needs.
  • If you’re practicing at home, you will need a yoga mat, 2 blocks, 2 blankets & 1 pillow