Do you know what your friend doesn't need for their baby shower? Another f**king onesie.

Enough with the onesies they're going to grow out of before wearing. Enough with the melted chocolate in the diapers (this is a real baby shower game!). It's time to give moms baby showers & gifts that they actually need!

Prenatal Yoga is an amazing way to relieve pregnancy pains & prepare the body for birth. Give it as a gift or book a private yoga session for your loved one's baby shower.

Book a baby shower yoga class!

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What to Expect

A private yoga class designed for expecting mama’s  unique needs.  You can give this as a baby shower gift or activity for mom & shower guests.  Class can be modified for conditions such as placenta previa, breech position, bladder leaks, pubic pain and more. I will send a questionnaire before class to learn more about mom & the other attendees so the class can me customized just for you.

Private Event Pricing

Yoga mats will be provided.  If  you need help scheduling a venue for your event, please let me know!